Dueling Darling Challenge


                                                                                The DDD challenge is a hoot.  I love it. Our Challenge “What Not To Wear to a holiday party” I had a great time with this one, because its totally out of the box for me. After completing the card, our next challenge is to find a picture of myself as a youngser or someone in my family.  Of course, I just read it. So, I will look and add to this post. Please visit the other DDD’s blog you will love each and everyone.  I will be back to add to my list.



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  1. I love this, Joan.

    Can’t wait to see a picture of you!

    So glad that you could get your duel on this month! I love the little tree on the right and your little girl is looking all shy for the holiday! Woot Woot

  2. Oh, Joan, this is so pretty! Really, it is! I love the layout and the DPs, and her outfit is so cute, in a past decade sort of way! Nicely done!

  3. Joan, your card is gorgeous! I saw Kelly’s kit……. I don’t know how the Divas were able to come up with such beautiful cards. Tee Hee!!! Yours is amazing, with that argyle background and the delightful image.

    Thank you for participating in this month’s fashionable duel!

  4. Cute card, Joan! The argyle paper for the background is terrific. Love how you cut out a tree from the d.p. as an accent. The santa hat on Lilah is the perfect touch. The way you wrapped the twine to frame the image is awesome. Great job!! So glad to see your blog up and running!!

  5. Awesome card Joan! Love it!!

    So glad you’re figuring out how to use WordPress and can leave comments ☺

    Great job with the challenge!!

  6. what a nice card Joan! I really like how U used the twine to frame the card and that cute girl w/ a Santa’s hat is adorable….including the cut out tree from on eof the d/p!…Clever way to use som eof the elements to this card advantage….great job!!:o)

  7. love the green glitter paper and the light bulb brads in the center of the flowers. way to go on the what not to wear challenge.

  8. Oh my stars, I cannot believe I didn’t comment on your card! Where is my brain and what was I thinking …… that I did, I must assume! I’m so sorry, dear friend! This is a gem of a card – her colors, the colors you paired it with, are just delightful! Love the broad spectrum – you embraced this challenge and it just shines! LIke you! Hugs! x0x0

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